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The Cohen Law Office, P.C., has been helping medical providers and individuals across Metro Detroit for more than 40 years. Founded by the late Charles Cohen, and handed down from father to son, the firm’s dedication to our clients has never faltered. While the faces of our firm have changed over the years, we remain committed to putting the weight of our knowledge and experience behind every case. We will work hard to protect your rights and get you the relief you need.

Auto Accidents

The days after a serious car crash can be some of the worst in your life. Listening to doctors, police officers, and insurance adjusters, it can be hard to see how things will ever get back to normal. We can help.

Family Law

Divorce and other types of family law are some of the most emotionally difficult cases to come before a judge

Personal Injury

The days after a serious car crash can be some of the worst in your life. Listening to doctors, police officers …..

Medical Law

Operating a clinic, treatment facility, doctor’s office, or hospital means managing countless moving pieces. The last thing you need is for unpaid insurance benefits to threaten your cash flow.

Social Security Disability Rights

When a physical or mental disability keeps you from going to work, it can be overwhelming. You may feel unable to provide for yourself or your family. Household bills, rent, and personal expenses can add up, leaving you looking for options.


Our Mission & Vision

At Cohen Law our vision and mission is to serve individuals that need legal action

When people come to the Cohen Law Office, they are hurting. Whether they are facing a divorce or family law dispute, recovering from an auto accident, or looking for a way to pay the bills, the clients who walk through our doors are looking for help. We treat all our clients with respect and empathy – no matter what kind of case they have. We work hard to understand your circumstances and your priorities and develop trial strategies that reflect your goals.

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