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Operating a clinic, treatment facility, doctor’s office, or hospital means managing countless moving pieces. The last thing you need is for unpaid insurance benefits to threaten your cash flow. At Cohen Law Office, our medical provider attorneys have been helping treating physicians, therapists, and other providers navigate a changing insurance landscape for decades. We can partner with your facility and help you make sure your medical bills are paid.

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Knowledgeable Legal Counsel for Treatment Providers of Auto Accident Patients

When you run a small clinic or doctor’s office, a pile of unpaid auto accident patient accounts can throw your operations off balance and threaten your ability to stay in business. Waiting for patients to pursue insurance benefits to pay their bills can be risky, especially with Michigan’s “one-year-back” rule putting a ticking clock on every invoice. At Cohen Law Office, we can help you take control accounts receivable by pursuing insurance conveyed to medical providers on assignment. We help you protect your interests in the office and in court, so that you can focus on helping patients.

Innovative Medical Provider Representation Across Metro Detroit

The laws around Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance are changing. For many small medical offices, recent court decisions and amendments to the Michigan No-Fault Act have made it difficult to continue doing business. At Cohen Law Office, we pride ourselves on our innovation. Our medical providers attorneys have been on the front lines, finding new ways to fight for provider benefits for years. We can counsel your billers and office managers, helping you create policies and prepare the appropriate paperwork to protect your claims and get you paid.

Experienced No-Fault Attorneys, Fighting for Doctors’ Insurance Benefits

Today more than ever, doctors and other medical providers need no-fault attorneys ready to fight for their right to collect benefits for the work they perform. At Cohen Law Office, medical provider cases aren’t just a loose end to tie up for our auto accident clients. We represent doctors and hospitals directly, building their cases and even going to court to get patients to do their part. We will do the work, filing discovery and motions, to fight for your interests. If a patient’s coverage limits or settlement agreement doesn’t cover all their bills, we will make sure you receive your share.

A Responsive Legal Team, Here to Help

Once your application has been filed with the Social Security Administration it can take weeks or months before you receive a decision. While you are waiting, your social security legal team at Cohen Law Office is working for you. We keep in contact with the SSA to respond to any questions about your application or medical condition and moving the application forward as quickly as possible. Our staff is here for you, giving you regular updates and providing support while you wait for the Administration to determine if you qualify for SSDI benefits.

Honest Advice for When Insurance Companies Deny Medical Benefits

The auto insurance industry is out to make a profit. Insurance lawyers are paid well to find new ways to raise defenses to injured motorists and their medical providers and deny insurance claims. They fill the dockets of civil court judges in Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb counties with motions to dismiss based on untested legal theories, just to see if something will work. At Cohen Law Office, when an insurance company raises a new defense, we will be there to fight it, representing medical providers’ interests across Metro Detroit.

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