Social Security Disability Attorneys in Southfield, Michigan

When a physical or mental disability keeps you from going to work, it can be overwhelming. You may feel unable to provide for yourself or your family. Household bills, rent, and personal expenses can add up, leaving you looking for options. At the Cohen Law Office, our knowledgeable and experienced social security disability attorneys can help you get the benefits you need to pay your bills and support your loved ones.

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Honest Advice on Your Social Security Disability Eligibility Questions

A life-changing accident, or an unexpected diagnosis can leave you looking for options to pay your bills. You may assume that being unable to work means the government will pay for you. However, Social security disability insurance payments aren’t automatic. Before you can collect SSDI payments, you need to have worked and paid social security taxes for a certain amount of time. You also need to have a medically diagnosed disability that meets the Social Security Administration’s requirements. At the Cohen Law Office, we understand what it takes to be eligible for social security disability benefits. Before you go through the work of completing an SSDI application, talk to one of our SSDI attorneys to see if you qualify.

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Knowledgeable SSDI Attorneys, Helping Your File for Disability

Applying for SSDI means more than just filling out a form. If you believe you qualify for social security disability, you need to be prepared to provide information about everything from your birthday to your tax records, in addition to medical records and proof of past earnings. Many people who choose to file for disability on their own get denied because their applications are missing critical information. We can help. Our knowledgeable social security lawyers can help you gather the right documents to support your claim, so that you get approved the first time.

Empathetic Social Security Lawyers, Proving Your Medical Disability

Often, the hardest part of filing for social security is proving your medical disability. Chronic conditions with flare ups or inconsistent symptoms, mental health challenges, and degenerative diseases can be especially hard to prove. At the Cohen Law Office, we understand that just because you have good days doesn’t mean you are able to commit to regular employment. We also know what it takes to prove that to the Social Security Administration. We work with doctors and medical providers every day, and we speak their language. We can coordinate with your doctors to develop the proof you need to establish your disability and receive your social security benefits.

A Responsive Legal Team, Here to Help

Once your application has been filed with the Social Security Administration it can take weeks or months before you receive a decision. While you are waiting, your social security legal team at Cohen Law Office is working for you. We keep in contact with the SSA to respond to any questions about your application or medical condition and moving the application forward as quickly as possible. Our staff is here for you, giving you regular updates and providing support while you wait for the Administration to determine if you qualify for SSDI benefits.

Experienced Attorneys Helping You Appeal a Social Security Denial

If your SSDI application is denied, you have the right to file a request for reconsideration to appeal the decision. Appealing a Social Security denial is at least as difficult as filing the original claim. At Cohen Law Office, we know what it takes to turn a denial into a success. We will prepare you for medical examinations and the disability hearing on your application, and we stand beside you in front of the Administrative Law Judge to advocate on your behalf.

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Contact the Cohen Law Office, P.C., in Southfield, Michigan

You should always feel comfortable with the legal team representing your interests in court. We would like to meet with you, review your case, and explain how we can help. Please contact us any time to schedule a free face-to-face consultation. We will meet you at our office in Southfield, Michigan, or come to your hospital room if you have been injured and cannot travel. We also offer phone consultations if transportation is inconvenient. Contact the Cohen Law Office to get started today.